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Geraint Williams

Information Risk Consultant & Trainer.

How the web hacks you

Presentation Synopsis

The internet has become a feature of all our lives whether at work or at home. Recent developments such as cloud services and the government's push to move its activities online mean that more and more in our personal and work life we are conducting transactions over the web. The web has made a wide range of interactions from finding information to purchasing and banking activities so much more convenient for us. However it has also made it easier for us as individuals and organisations to be attacked via the web with phishing, scams, malware and hacking occurring. Not a day goes past when some form of attack via the web is reported in the news. This talk will outline the reasons why the web is vulnerable, explain some of the more frequent attacks and suggests countermeasures that make it less likely you will be hacked via the web

Requesting a presentation

If you represent any branch or section of the BCS, IET or other professional institute bodies, or represent an organisation, company or business in the UK and are interested in me giving this presentation, please contact me through LinkedIn or this website.

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