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Information Risk Consultant & Trainer.



Continue to develop the website and adding more details to the talks that I give, adding some pictures from the presentations and from previous presentations

Herts BCS - 2013/14 Season of talks

We have started to put together next season's talk programme, would like to hear from people you could do a talk on augmented reality, or on high end games, graphics or animation. Also looking for a presentator on Chip Architecture, if you would like to give a talk on these subjects please get in touch.

Upcoming Events

10th Oct 2013, Lea & Ouse Valleys Safety Association Meeting

Presented a talk on How the Web hacks you to the Lea & Ouse Valleys Safety Association

23th to 25th April 2013, InfoSec Show

Will be attending the Infosec show all three days, will be on the IT Governance stand on the 24th to talk about PCI DSS and vulnerability assessments, please see the IT Goverance Infosecurity Europe 2013 page for details and make a booking

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